A new endeavor

jpegIn 2009 I published Street Lit: Teaching and Reading Fiction in Urban Schools (McGraw-Hill), a collection of short stories written by graduate students in a certification program for high school English teachers. At the time, it struck me that teachers were in the best position to know what kinds of stories and books their students wanted to read: the language, the characters, the plots, the themes that would appeal to the most reluctant readers in their classes. Street Lit was a collection of such stories, aimed at students living in New York City.

Five years later, I’ve created this blog as a venue for more stories written by teachers for their students, whether urban, suburban, or rural, whether emerging or insatiable readers. The Project’s tagline, “uncommon stories by uncommon teachers for uncommon students,” is a clue to what this blog will contain.

Content will include stories written by teachers for their students, discussions of language and content suitable for different readers, requests for story topics, themes and characters, and whatever else this blog’s readers and contributors feel suits the goal of the Write to Teach Project.

So, thanks for visiting. Come back soon. Let me know what you think. Send requests and suggestions. In other words, use this blog. Your participation is what will make it a success.